Guide to collecting prints

The following guide outlines the point system to be used when collecting my prints. The system is based on paper size, edition, capture date, and signature style.
Start at 0 points.
Paper Size

A6/4×6 +1
A5/6×9 +2
A4 +3
A3 +4
Open +1
Artist proof +2
Personalised +3
Numbers or symbol +4
XO +5
Super-special +6
The value of a compound edition is the sum of all the respective values indicated
Capture date
Date only +1
Date and time +2
Time only +3
Undated +4
When comparing, an earlier date will produce a relative value of +1
Standard signature +1
Inverted hearts (simple) +2
Expanded hearts (full) +3
Sketch of eye +4
Print name +5
Other details
The presence of an asterisk (*) increases the value by +3
and the presence of other markings (e.g. doodles or symbols) increases the value by +2